About us


What once started as a cotton rag factory has today become one of Europe’s leading mechanical textile recycling companies. Frankenhuis has years of experience in mechanical recycling of textile materials. We are unique in that we mainly process post-consumer textiles. With our team full of expertise and knowledge about our unique processes, we are on a mission to contribute to a circular textile industry.



Innovation is something that is highly valued at Frankenhuis. We are constantly involved in research and development in the field of textile recycling. Due to its broad experience with and focus on post-consumer textiles and the process of recycling. This is an important part of the daily work within the company. Continuing to analyze, study and cooperate with the industry is essential for improving and optimizing the future of textile recycling and a circular process. Frankenhuis will always continue to innovate and contribute to a circular economy.



The GRS certificate stands for Global Recycled Standard and is a certification standard for the supply chain of products containing recycled materials. It ensures that recycled materials are produced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and ethical manner.

The ISO 9001 certificate is an international standard for quality management. It confirms that an organization meets the requirements for an effective quality management system, including customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The ISO 14001 certificate is an international standard for environmental management. It indicates that an organization has implemented an effective environmental management system to identify, control and reduce environmental risks, and to meet legal requirements and strive for continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

The Textile Recovery VHT standard 2022 is a certificate that indicates that a textile product meets specific standards for reuse and recycling. It ensures that the product has been produced according to sustainable practices and is suitable for reuse or recycling after the end of its life.

Texperium's TÜV certification is a quality mark that indicates that textile products meet strict standards for sustainability, safety and quality. It ensures that the products have been tested and verified according to international standards to ensure reliability and consumer confidence.