Circular Textile Solution Provider

Frankenhuis mechanically recycles 600.000 kilograms of post-consumer textiles each month. Contributing to a circular textile economy.

As a mechanical textile recycling company, Frankenhuis offers different kinds of product depending on the end use. Recycled fibers are used in the automotive-, nonwoven-, furniture- and spinning industry.

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Frankenhuis Textile Recycling

Our company video takes you through Frankenhuis’s daily operations. Our facility is located in Almelo, the Netherlands. Here we have our office, warehouse and production all in one!


As experts in mechanical textile recycling, we would like to share our work, collaborations, participations in events and tradeshows and other exciting news. all news >

Frankenhuis launching FFIBR

The launch of Frankenhuis’s first brand is officially here. Frankenhuis launches FFIBR as their brand for spinnable recycled fibers.

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Exciting News: Frankenhuis is GRS certified!

We are thrilled to announce that Frankenhuis is now officially GRS certified! This certification reinforces our dedication to environmentally responsible processes and transparent supply chains.

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